Healthy Vagina World Tour

Taboo busting

Global campaign to encourage women to talk about vaginal discomfort: problems that any woman has to deal with and which are often embarrassing to talk about.


Multi-Gyn – an expert brand on vaginal discomforts – wanted to engage with women about vaginal health.
In many regions around the world this topic is still taboo. This has to change if women are to become empowered and confident about their vaginal health.


Since the first steps in Israel, the Healthy Vagina has visited over 12 countries, including Malaysia, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Thailand, Croatia and Serbia.


The campaign “turned a lot of heads and caused quite a clamor”
– The Moscow Times
“Women reacted with a mockery at first, but in the end, there were many more positive reactions than negative ones.”
– Naxi radio
Result: 100K+ YouTube views & loads of pr.
Long may the discussions continue!