Branding & packaging

A new brand that will help people to cope with mental overload.
A busy life? Experiencing information overload and stress?
That will hinder you in delivering a good mental performance.
BrainBooster has created 3 products that will help you perform.
Each product has its own functionality – Mood, Zen & Zoom.


The logo is based on the ancient Nazar symbol. A nazar is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect from bad luck.
The word “nazar” is derived from Arabic and means “sight” or “seeing”.
BrainBooster products protect from the evil of mental overload and helps the brain to “see” again.
BrainBooster logo

Supporting icons

3 supporting icons were designed for each mental state – Mood, Zen and Zoom.
BrainBooster Icons
To reduce shipping costs, the packaging was made to fit in a residential mailbox.
Brain food supplement packaging

Brain website

Brain Booster Zoom Packaging