WhatsApp Business as a brand touchpoint

WhatsApp is open for Business – A new Brand touchpoint

Do you want to communicate quickly and easily with your customers? Recently WhatsApp has launched its Business version.

Whatsapp for business

A staggering 1 billion people use WhatsApp every day. It was first meant to connect with family and friends, but over time more and more people started using the app to talk with businesses too. This already happens every day – it could be someone buying a pizza or showing photos of some sneakers of the local sneaker store. But this was all at a bit of basic level. And there was no way to know if the person you were whats-apping with is real or not.

With WhatsApp Business you can get a verified business profile, so people will know if a business is real. Downside is that you need a landmine or a mobile number you’re not using yet for a personal Whats App account.

Once you have a verified account, more options open up. You can enter your location, upload a logo, add openings hours and show your website address.

WhatsApp for business

In addition to providing your business info, it is also possible to view some basic statistics. These are not very extensive at the moment. You will only find here the number of send, delivered, read and received messages. So quite limited. WhatsApp has announced that this will be extended with an average response time and statistics on how many messages have actually been read.

But be warned! If you don’t treat your customers well, they are able to block you (open the chat > tap the Menu ButtonReport spam or Block).

Oh, and the costs? For the time being it is free. But in the future companies will have to pay for its use. Exactly what the costs will be is still unknown.

Now available in the Google Play Store.

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