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How to become an extraordinairy brand in 2018

It’s crucial for your brand to continously deliver an exceptional experience for your customers and clients. You not only need to stay relevant, you need to up your game on every brand touchpoint. Below you find 4 manners to raise your brand in 2018. Think about how large brands, such a Coca Cola deal with their touchpoints. Learn from the best.

Keep in mind that following these manners doen’t mean you have to undergo a complete rebrand. Rather, it means you should find ways to incorporate these into your existing brand identity and strategy.

1. Become more credible

In the world of fake, purity is an extra important value. Everyone is obsessed with experiences, products and people that radiate 3 things – authenticity, sincerity and integrity. The more, the better. It is all about ‘being yourself’ and to make a connection with where you come from. We know the Microsoft garage story. How did your brand originate? Can you tell that to your customers in a way it aids you?

There is no impact without credibility. And credibility in this era is closely related to showing your personality. It is more important than ever to tell the real story. Unpolished and untouched (or as little as possible) by reputation managers and legal advisers. Go through the dust, use the misery you went through and reap the benefits of a more credible brand.

How can you show more of yourself?

2. Tell your story

Incorporate your history to tell your story. Stories offer something for your target audience to hold on to, it gives an overview of a brand. Stories connect us with old values and traditions. They give us new perspectives where we go, give meaning and bring us into contact with a bigger now.

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and YouTube present a good opportunity for your brand to connect with your audience instantly. Provide value for your consumers with inspirational and uplifting stories that generate interest and show how yourproducts can be used to change everyday experiences.

Show more often what happens behind the scenes, for example all the necessary actions it takes to bring a product to the store. Important! – these stories should not look like advertising.

How can you improve your story?

3. Be more beautiful

Attention makes everything more beautiful. Is every touchpoint as polished as it could be? Or are there certain things that could use a lick of paint? And be brutal honest with this one. Exceptional experiences can only be delivered if you bring your A-game everywhere you go.

What is the touchpoint that needs to be improved first?


4. Be social responsible

According to the Digital Branding Institute, 91% of the millennials would endorse a brand that cares for a good cause. Showing that you care! This is vital to make that connection with your customers. It puts a human face on your brand. It shows your values – which makes it much easier to align with the values of your target audience.

It helps your customers understand the reason behind your business and how their money will be spent. A good way to do is to partner up with (local) charities, non-profit organizations or sometimes it could be a simple as voicing your opinion on current affairs. It is a great way to give your brand a voice, values, and purpose.

What do you stand up for?

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