Toyota e_Palette Concept car

Toyota’s self-driving store is a fascinating opportunity

Imagine an autonomous car driving up to your house with pizza, as a place to do medical tests or to buy clothes. Toyota hopes to make that happen at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The e-Palette (as they call it) is quite an ambitious concept, but at the same time it offers fascinating opportunities for brands.

Think of what it could do for your brand. My mind is already full of ideas! It will open up a whole new register of possible services. Robot cleaning crew? Just order a van filled with cleaning bots. Hungry? Pizza is just around the corner. Need a physiotherapist when in pain? A table will be driven to your house.

Or perhaps you want to use it as a mobile office. That idea sounds awesome to me as well. I would love to drive up to customers in my own branded e-Palette.

Toyota self driving car as Brand opportunity

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