Revolutionary Ai Artist Composes Astonishing Music for Film and Games

This got me to the edge of my seat. AIVA (which stands for Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) is an AI program that specializes in composing emotional and memorable classical and symphonic music. Through importing the collection of existing classical works (such as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven) AIVA is capable of understanding concepts of music theory and composing on its own. The algorithm AIVA is based on deep learning and reinforcement learning architectures.

Music is not what we do, it’s who I am.

Science fiction? It might look like that for some of us. But recently, Aiva became the first virtual artist to have her creations registered with an author’s rights society (SACEM). Many artists believed that this would not be possible to achieve for at least another decade. Aiva will not replace musicians – in fact, Aiva made its first album (called “Genesis”), whereby the tracks were (still) recorded by human musicians.

Listen to the 1 hour music collection:

More about AIVA

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